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Gobstopper: Make English Teaching Easier

Teaching of English is not as easy as it seems to be. This we can see from the fact that a study made by the National Assessment of Educational Progress which revealed that only a quarter of eighth and twelfth grade students show a proficiency in writing. Reading and writing scores on SAT were in fact found to be very low.

This was something that did not escape the notice of Jason Singer, a former English teacher, Entrepreneur in Residence at New School Ventures who founded two KIPP public charter prep schools.

This was when he teamed up with the former CTO and Co founder of ZangZing, Mauricio Alvarez to launch the ereading platform called GobStopper. English teachers are now provided a new way for the assessing of comprehension and the reading of texts.

According to Singer, assessment is one reason why students show disappointing performances when it comes to reading and writing. What he also found was that forcing students to get an essay written and then spending hours on getting them corrected and graded provides no much help in making students better.

This is an online tool where reading platforms can be created by teachers. Quizzes and questions can be inserted online. Apart from this, instructional and expositive videos can also be inserted where trick concepts are explained and the performances of students are automatically graded.

Educators will thus no longer have to depend on paper based models like worksheets and photocopy.

The startup has in fact got an amount of $425K raised in a convertible debt that includes investors like NewSchools Venture fund, Reed Hasting, CEO and Cofounder of Netflix, Ron Beller and Jennifer Moses. It now plans to get its Beta product built.

With the future of education remaining unclear, teachers have a tough time remaining underpaid and overworked. The startup aims to get their lives simplified with this platform. Public domain books can now be chosen and curriculet layers can be created.

The startup will first be free to use but will in time begin to involve a fee. Publishers may also be offered a white label style tool where texts can be integrated.

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