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getTalent raises $2.6M, funded by Success Factors

getTalent, a startup which help the recruiters to find the right talent and leverage them  with the right opportunity,  has announced that it has raised $ 2.6 million funds from Success Factors, the largest investor of the company, known for its HR Software. “It’s all about taking what’s happened in other industries and modeling it for this market,” says Shafi, CEO of getTalent, as reported by news hour 24.  

This new venture is an add-on to the website, which previously focused only on the job available for a person with a specific profile. But now, if a person does not get his desired results while surfing for a job, he can post his talent, and his area of specialization. With this, recruiters can send requests to people asking if they are interested to join their community. Once a person agrees, mails are sent to the person about the latest job listings in different spheres of interest.

This is done after scanning the expectation of the employee according to the startups resume scanning and QR code creation tools. At the same time different articles are also provided to make the job type familiar to the person with related content.

getTalent is an innovative way to keep the members stay connected to a website, as other job listing sites do not grow their audience with such unique options. Though it is the initial days of the company it has managed to get familiar to companies such as Viacom, Hearst Media, Kaiser, Box, and Hulu and has a long way awaiting.


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