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Get Fewer Junk Mails With Outbox

This startup mainly deals with getting mails digitalized swinging by your mailbox as often as three times every week in order to get your content digitalized and made accessible on sources like the iPad, iPhone and the web. In this way it prevents your mailbox or kitchen table from being overloaded with junk messages. If you are a starter here, your packages will be delivered to your doorstep. However, you can also select where else you want your item delivered.

"Now [moms will] have immediate access to their mail on the go, making it possible to flip through it in the car or at the kitchen table," Founder Evan Baehr told the Austin American-Statesman. "You can still request to get physical copies of anything—such as party invitations or holiday cards.", as reported by

The startup was first developed in Austin, after having a lot of kinks worked out on. The platform in fact provides a secure way to getting mails disposed since each person will have to face a background check before getting mails collected and processed.

Mails of more than a hundred and fifty billion pieces have been delivered by the postal service in the last year. The startup is in fact on its way to building a relationship with various consumers and companies. The startup also has hopes of getting itself launched in other cities like Los Angeles, Washington DC Boston, Chicago and New York.

“The cool thing is, because we’re a hyper local service, we don’t have to build this huge infrastructure,” he said. “We can actually pretty much build it out in a few months’ time.”, as reported by

Services by the startup come at a cost of $4.99 each month. The startup had also recently closed a funding round after having raised an amount of $2.2 million. It also plans to raise more in the future through funding.

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