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The present generation has various options to choose as a career, but the Next Gen kids are keen to stick to entrepreneurship. The top most reason they cite is ’freedom’ of performing a particular task; unlike in an environment governed by a ‘Boss’ who keeps a check on you every minute.

The generation starting from the 80’s to the later part of the 90’s did not have cell phones, internet accessibility or Wi-Fi surrounding; but technology has slowly changed time. By their mid-twenties, they gelled along with technology being a part of social networking sites.

With the multiple companies emerging in the market; like facebook, Amazon and Google, the youngsters want to carve their own niche. Therefore to create an identity in their own, they prefer startup culture rather than getting stuck in an unnoticed crowd.

A recent survey revealed that 60 percent of the Next-Gen wanted to be called as entrepreneurs. If you given an option to college students to continue their college or establish a startup, the latter will be considered majorly as they want to be independent.

Self –motivation, positive attitude of an atmosphere in a working environment,  and creativity is all that one seeks from their own startup. Kauffman Foundation says that entrepreneurship courses have increased from 250 to 5,000 currently. "The rise of the independent entrepreneur is driven by their desire for freedom," said Gary Swart, CEO, ODesk, reports Bambi Francisco Roizen of Vator News.

Apart from freedom, they prioritize the following in a work atmosphere. They say kind of work they are willing to work in, followed by income and tax benefits.

Ultimately, the millennial’s very clear in their vision! They don’t want to compromise on timings, the kind of task they perform at work, irrespective of the pay they are given at the end of the month.

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