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Gaurdly Gives More Protection to Students and Workers

The world is becoming more of an unsafe place to live in where the more protection, the better. One recent startup that truly believes in this fact is Gaurdly, which focuses mainly on mobile safety solutions, thus providing an individual security in buildings. The startup has only recently got its indoor positioning system (IPS) launched.

In this way someone in danger can easily be geographically located through the use of this application. The application can be used for smartphone devices. It detects not just the floor that someone is on but the room too. Incidents can be tracked and two way communications can be made.

A student or a worker will have to get the app installed onto their devices. The app has a certain button which can be pressed by them in times of trouble or danger so as to get the campus police notified. The building, floor and the room will be transmitted and tracked by the app within a time period of five seconds.

"Our IPS technology is another step towards Guardly delivering on its corporate mission to reduce emergency response times for people needing immediate assistance, and for those responding to requests for assistance," says Josh Sookman, Guardly Founder & CEO. "With Guardly IPS, all someone needs to do is launch our safety app and it will result in a personalized response to their exact indoor location. The implications of this innovation are truly game changing."

“For public safety it blows it out of the water,” says the startup’s CEO and founder “And for private safety the existing technology’s not even close. We’re looking to redefine this industry in terms of what the technology is capable of.”

This is in fact the first mobile safety solution that has been offering detection capabilities for integrated indoor locations.

The startup’s technology is in fact greatly developed, bearing all the signs of a standard IPS deployment, with features like radio frequency fingerprinting. The company has now been able to add to its mobile safety solutions, a new category of different customers which include private apartments, office buildings, hospitals, indoor parking garages etc.

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