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GameGolf: Track Your Golf Game Better

Golf is not as simple as it seems to be. To wear ridiculous clothes and get a ball going rolling down calls for some amount of courage. This is why the new startup called Active Mind Technology has been launched. Founded by John McGuire, its aim is to make the game simpler than it presently is.

Golfers will now be provided an access to the tools reserved for all pros. Wearable sensor based technologies that one finds in health tracking devices will now be provided.

The startup will also now have on its team Jawbone’s Chief Operating Officer Yves Behar. The Officer has in fact had good experience in designing products like Jawbone and Jambox. He has now already got the company’s branding, packaging, UL and UX designed.

A wearable product called the Game Golf has also recently been unveiled by the company. In fact, a combination of GPS and NFS technologies and sensors has been employed here in order to get golfers provided with data and feedback that can help them get their scores improved.

The various things included in the device are a receiver that can be attached to a belt and transmitter tags that can be inserted into clubs. This helps a user get every shot tracked during a round. The data then gets compiled and synced with the cloud by Game Golf. Users can then get their performance data accessed through the mobile app. The data can either be accessed from their personal computers or mobile devices.

The overall progress and other highlights can then be shared through social networks. In fact, the recent Game Golf’s battery has been designed so that two whole rounds of data tracking can be accommodated.

However, the velocity of one swing cannot be measured by the device here. Also, the device is not yet being made available in stores.

“Game Golf gives everyone access to crucial data that can dramatically improve your golf game and handicap,” McDowell says of its appeal to golfers. “[It's] intuitive, doesn’t disrupt your game and is essential for any golfer looking to understand their game better and knock down their handicap.”


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