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Game Startup Raises $815k in the Third Series of Funding

The game startup Storybricks, co founded by Rodolfo Rosini is raising $815k, reports Steve ‘O Hear of TechCrunch. The company earlier had a plan to create a net browser based MMO, that turned stories into games. Instead, the company is now on a mission to establish the best artificial intelligence (AI) engine, for online games by giving these characters emotions and legalizing it to third parties.

Storybricks is already in talks with various studios, to help boost their AI project. With the finalization of the project, the company will soar to greater heights gaining recognition worldwide. Storybricks has recently closed a funding round raising $815 K. The fund was led by angel investors including Alex Khein, Kima Ventures, Playfair Capital, and Andy McLoughlin( Co-founder of Huddle) in the U.S. , U.K  and other countries  like  Germany , France and Israel.

Though Storybricks tried to raise funds on Kickstarter, it was not successful. Rosini also states that if the Kickstarter campaign was fruitful, the new strategy wouldn’t arise, leading to a whole set of problems for Storybricks. He also states that if other startups are planning to adopt the Kickstarter campaign, it is worthy for pre- sales of products or hardware that need an order to be put to production.

This strategy has been adopted by Storybricks, which has changed their numbers in the balance sheet proving it profitable. The company has secured a number of customers already and  it is on the road to make better and prominent online games for the future.

“We framed our message in a way that was confusing for consumers. But we ended up with all the top developers from the Valley and the game industry giving us money (if you look at the list it’s a tech all-stars). That’s when we decided to focus on them”, says Rosini as reported by TechCrunch.

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