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FundsInda Launches 'Gamification' in Mutual Fund Investing Tool

Bengaluru: India’s first online-only investment platform,, launches a first-of-its-kind innovative tool - ‘Gamification in Mutual Fund Investing’. This new feature ranks investors among their peers, so that they know where they stand among other investors similar to them. This feature will encourage good investing behaviour and discourages bad ones, ensuring that investors stay on the right path by following a systematic and disciplined approach to investing.

“Gamification is used in various facets of our life. The availability of smart digital tools helps new investors deal with investments in a seamless and scientific manner. Our goal is to make financial markets accessible for everyone and encourage good investment behaviour among individuals in a healthy and competitive manner,” says Nilakantan Rajaraman, Data Scientist,

Founded in 2009 by C.R. Chandrasekar and Srikanth Meenakshi, FundsIndia brings cutting-edge technology and top-notch financial services together in one powerful package. Its online-only investment platform is built on robust technology that enables dynamic scale of investing by investors to easily invest in mutual funds from leading fund houses in India, corporate fixed deposits, stocks from the BSE and various other investment products. FundsIndia has over eight lakh trusted users and also awarded as ‘Brand of the Year- 2014’ by silicoindia.

 “At FundsIndia, we always aim to provide the best of technology and services to our customers. Engaging with our investors through this powerful tool will help us explore behavioural finance and further help us guide our investors smartly,” says Srikanth.

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