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Funding Formula: Colleges to Receive Funds Based on Results!!

Companies receive funds for expansion of its products or services by reaching out to greater horizons. Likewise, educational institutions also receive funding to spread knowledge. But recently, in Ohio we can witness a unique funding which took place to stir interest in academics for students. According to governor Kasaich, colleges in Ohio will receive funds based on their results in the near future. The governor exclaimed that it was memorable moment for Ohio as it is the first time that 37 public colleges have coordinated for a funding solution.

"There was collective sacrifice for the common good today...and that is an extraordinary moment in the history of higher education in this state and we are going to lead this nation,” said Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee.

Governor Kasaich is the key person behind the formulation of Ohio Higher Education Funding Commission, as he has reformed the formula for higher education in the state. He states that funding for colleges will not only be based on their enrollment, but it will be is based on the results as well. By this initiative, Governor Kasaich is on a mission to make higher education more eye catchy for students.

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