Frost & Sullivan Applauds Xurmo's User Friendly Data Analytics Platform

Bangalore: Frost & Sullivan recently analyzed the data analytics platform sector and recognized Xurmo Technologies as the 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Line Strategy Leadership. Xurmo’s user-friendly database management platform has won it considerable amount of success in the data analytics platform market, despite the company being a newcomer to the field. The platform offers quick returns on investment due to its inherent technological ability to deep dive into data, collate them, and represent them meaningfully in a very short span of time.

The Xurmo application is a completely automatic integrated platform which assimilates information along with the underlying structure through a series of connectors. The information is stored on Xurmo’s proprietary FabricDB, where the analysts are allowed to place search-driven queries. The search and query remained two separate components that had not been combined in data analytics till now. Therefore, the technological capacity with which Xurmo searches and queries is very innovative. The analyst can visualize data sets from disparate regions, eliminating the need to build the plan, thereby reducing time spent on analysis.

“However, the most important value proposition of Xurmo is the speed with which its platforms can be deployed on the client’s system,” says Rohan Thomas, Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst. “While the actual deployment of the data management system may take no more than four hours, the turnaround time for data acquisition and processing is mere minutes.”

Additionally, Xurmo’s platform is highly flexible and does not require high capital investments. The system is predominantly service based and can easily scale from one-use case to multiple-use cases, allowing the user with substantial flexibility. The company caters to wide range of end users, including stakeholders in banking and financial services institutions (BFSI), consumer packaged foods, e-Commerce and retail, and also the oil and gas industry. It has also enhanced its brand equity through tie-ups with various organizations such as MAPR Technologies, Hortonworks and Cloudera Connect.


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