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Fremont Aces in Tech Startups in U.S.

Competition prevails everywhere, whether a high profiled established company or budding enterprises that are not old as a sapling. This era belongs to budding companies that want to carve a niche in the long run regardless of the amount invested, as long as quality prevails in their product or service. Irrespective of the amount pooled, there are other criteria’s too which are required when a company is established. 

When a company plans to step into the market there are many hindrances awaiting for it. But going ahead, fighting for an identity and making it to the top position is what matters. Similarly, when startups get name and fame at early stages of the company’s life cycle it gets recognized very soon.

According to, a San Francisco based website, Fremont is placed at the top for tech startups in U.S. City officials have found out that entrepreneurs are in a race to build their companies in Fremont. The details speak that Biotech and Cleantech companies are on a rise.

High tech entrepreneurs have been given top priority, especially those in the cleantech and biotech companies, says Fremont officials.

"We're really excited to be recognized in this way," said Christina Briggs, Fremont's economic development manager. "It validated our strategy in attracting emerging technology companies."-as reported by

Offering exemptions in tax since 2009, the city has since last year begun to provide existing businesses with exemptions of two years and those of cleantech and biotech startups an exemption of five years. The goal is to lead entrepreneurs to see the city in a way that is more business friendly by creating a community of like minded tech firms. This has resulted in 30 new cleantech companies having opened their doors for business in the city. According to Briggs,

"Innovation is going to drive tomorrow's economy," she said. "By planting that seed now, Fremont down the road will become fertile ground and develop a reputation for being a good home for those kinds of companies."

Fremont Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Cindy Bonior expresses her surprise at the top ranking of the city considering its size.

"But the great entrepreneurial spirit in our community, that doesn't surprise me," Bonior said. "There are a lot of people in this business community who are really smart and have fortitude and are willing to strike out on their own."



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