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Framebench to Enhance the Speed of Creativity

Of course there exist a lot of tools out there for the sharing of creative designs but have you considered something different, where you can get multiple people to collaborate on your files or carry on a direct communication with each other through text or voice? This is what the newly launched Framebench has been working on.

“Before Google Docs came into existence, you would probably email a document, and [a collaborator] would review it and send it back. Then came Google Docs, where in real-time you could communicate with the other person and edit a document together,” CEO Rohit Agarwal explains. “The key innovation there was the real-time component using technologies that were very, very new. That’s where the web is moving now,” he says. And that’s where Framebench aims to go, too.

The application works on combining the tools of online document creation software programmes with other functions of edited and tools of communication.

In this way, collections can be delved into by users, files can be uploaded and videos can be worked on, and all this can be done from one single online dashboard. Tools for editing, freestyle markup, annotation, file versioning and much more are supported by the system here. Users will so be provided an access to a tool to get file versions compared quickly.

Text based chat can also be followed by using the IM like feature found on the collaboration screen’s right side. The tool will soon include a WebRTC based conferencing solution, where voice chatting can directly be done in the main interface.

The company has been in close collaboration with various other platforms like Basecamp and Dropbox. It has also recently partnered with another startup called PowToons.

The startup which currently has a team of seven is planning to have a team for sales and some UL experts hired. The company has an overall of 1,250 users some among them being large advertising companies.



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