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Findables to Now Find a Place in Stores

With its products soft launched about five months ago, the startup is now trying to build a niche of its own in the market for smart device cases. The company mainly deals with tablets and smartphones, with its specialty case maker.

Its products were earlier sold online. However the company now plans to get itself found on shelves in U.S. stores. Based in Santa Clara,what makes this company different from other similar startups is it personal flair. With its scannable QR code, it can get its users linked to a business contact information , a social profile or a contact and reward information in order to get a lost device found. The company was in fact launched with a greater focus on the lost and found feature. However, feedback from users had led it to change its direction.

It now focuses more on its social features. “[We wanted] a case that had some personality. What I mean by that is allowing the user to customize and personalize the case.” says Liao. “Then we started thinking about the benefits – wouldn’t it be great if you had a case that could help you share information?”, as reported by Techcrunch.

Users can thus use this site in order to get their profiles customized with the help of information, pictures, biographies links etc. The standard QR codes on the device cases can be read with the help of any third party scanning application.

Digital business cards can be downloaded directly into the address book of the phone with the help of the forthcoming Android app by the company.

While the iPad mini, the new iPad, the Galaxy SIII by Samsung, the iPhone 4 and 4S and the iPhone 5 are some of the cases currently offered, the startup is now on its way to getting a protective case that puts the iPhone 5 in a position to compete with the CandyShell product by Spec. It has been working on producing existing cases in China for a low cost. The startup has gotten 20,000 of its product sold till today.

“We ended up focusing our attention on getting purchase orders. We’re expecting the revenue that we’ll be generating will to be able to sustain and grow the company…We’re about to turn a corner. We’re about to be profitable,” Liao claims.


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