Facebook VP Throws a Light On Strategies in Business

We witness various startups emerging out of different zones in the world. This is a boon especially in the Silicon Valley, as they have tie-ups with other countries around the world. One among them is the North America Chinese Startup Event.The third North America Chinese Startup kicked off on Saturday in Santa Clara. Jeff Rothschild, VP at Facebook made a speech at the summit giving insights about establishing a startup.

Speaking at the event; he said that the world is changing and we should catch up with its pace, by being quick in establishing a business. Since the market is fluctuating one should gear up and stop talking and start performing, once an idea strikes him. It is not necessary that every idea can be changed into a business, as they are not worth it sometimes. He further stated that an entrepreneur should not be confused with the features of the product as he should be able to distinguish between the product and its features. As an entrepreneur, learning should be your primary motive as at makes you smarter.

He also states that an idea is not enough to build a business, but building a team is more important. In a startup, one may have exceptional qualities and great skills but he should care about the company along with his personal growth. If he does not do so, his role is futile in the company,  and one will have to remind his duties repeatedlyThis event is held in Santa Clara every year, which leads to the growth of both the economies. A full day event where fast growing entrepreneurs and VC’s will come forward to fund more startups. It is competition, where the best of the several participants will be decided leading to cash awards and sponsorships for their startup idea.

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