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Fab: Jason Goldberg and Bradford Shane Shellhammer

From clothes, to avante garde jewellary to handicraft furniture, is a social network that is devoted to great designs. Founded in 2010 by Bradford Shane Shellhammer, the startup was first launched as

The site today contains over six million members and is on its way to reaching its sales to a $150 million. Headquartered in New York City the startup today consists of more than four hundred employees.

The startup is headed by Jason Goldberg who serves as the CEO of the company and works towards turning his website into a $1 billion company. This includes efforts like getting the website refined, getting candidates interviewed, and various other things.

What is the secret behind their success?  The secret is lies in the founders’ aim which is not the making of profit but on making their customers smile. "We're going to do $150 million in sales this year, but, frankly, I don't give a shit if our sales are $130 million or $170 million. I care about the brand we're building and the emotional bond we have with our customers.", says Goldberg, as reported by

What Goldberg mainly focuses on is the user experience while Bradford concentrates on the selection of the items put up for sale. The startup has over fifty design scouts who go worldwide in search of products.

With his technology team in India, Goldberg makes a Skype call everyday where he discusses new ideas and other details that need to be accomplished. This includes mockups and various other steps and efforts. The heads of the different departments come together for an executive meeting at least once a week during which they discuss their business.

The startup uses an outsourced warehouse partner for the shipping of over seventy five percent of its products. Products can be reached to customers within a span of twelve days. The startup is also now on its way to get another outsourced warehouse partner built in New Jersey.

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