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European Startups Welcomed to Techcrunch Disrupt

It’s time to get excited with the Techcrunch Disrupt having recently announced this year’s technology conference. The much anticipated event will be held from the 29th of April to the 1st of May at the Manhattan Centre in New York. As always, the event will begin with a panel discussion, and one on one chats regarding important topics in the world of technology today. This round is normally known as the Hackathon. It will be followed by the Startup battlefield presentations. Early stage companies will also be here to get themselves introduced, some of them even deciding to get themselves launched at the event. Startups will be provided two tickets for the events and parties to follow which will go on to a stretch of three days.

The event in fact sees the launching of over a hundred companies each year. There will also be an ‘Audience Choice Winner”. The voting will be held for two days, ie Monday and Tuesday, where one startup will be chosen by the audience.  However the startups competing here need to have an age of less than two years. Startups will be provided with a cocktail table where they can make their demonstrations. The winner can take part in the Battlefield Finals and receive a prize of $50,000.

Sponsors of the event will also be provided with a table space.

What’s exciting about the event this year is that startup’s from Europe are also invited. What has not gone unnoticed is the fact that European startups have always considered the U.S as a good market to get it scaled and the Silicon Valley a good place to start.

All applications need to be sent by the twenty second of this month. The event looks forward to a pavilion from each country in the newly invited continent.


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