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Entrepreneurship Pivotal Tool of the U.S. Global Tie-Ups

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit was held in Dubai recently; where government officials including the U.S. investors, entrepreneurs and policy makers gathered for the third annual event. President Obama had announced the inauguration of this event during his speech at Cairo in 2009 and hosted the same in Washington in 2010, reports Andrew Cedar of White House Blog.

In Cairo, the President formed a new partnership between the U.S. and the Muslim world for mutual respect and world peace. The outline of the event spoke of the thirst of creating something new; in the present world providing opportunities for the youth, supporting their dreams and determining their future. He further stated that, innovation and entrepreneurship are the key elements to stabilize the economy in America, leading to more jobs as youngsters yearn for more opportunities with variety of ideas.

President Obama says that for more capital creation; we need to ensure that the economy is stabilized and for it to sustain for a long period, entrepreneurs are needed in the U.S. From past four years, the government has initiated several rules to help entrepreneurs with their vision. The government has continuously assisted to build the skills, network, necessary environment and the required capital for upcoming entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are regarded as pioneers of change, stating that there are no borders intervening their innovations.

The Summit which was held binds 1,000 global leaders paving way for progress, opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures leading to better economy in the U.S. in 2013.

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