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Entrepreneurial Policies: Obama and Romney

Elections are the perfect time when our leaders pour in promises for the righteous and highly regarded chair of power and position. Many policies are laid down for the future, weaknesses held high of the opponent to reflect one’s capability and uniqueness in proving a candidate appropriate for the leadership. With the U.S Presidential elections round the corner, both the candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney sketch their ideas for advancement in tech startups, while Obama is a democratic and the other emphasizes on republican governance. Therefore a New York based tech group has sent both of them a letter as how their policies will bring a smile on the startups, reports Edward Moyer of cnet. Below we have a text that was published after the tech group received answers to their queries.

Firstly we hear from Romney who has outlined five sectors to which attention is needed and he speaks about the growth that can be brought in these spheres. He says that American economy can be strengthened by empowering entrepreneurs and focusing on innovation, which are long term rather than to fix the current short term problems in the economy.

Human Capital : He says that visa’s will be granted to professionals with skills to improve the country economically, offer permanent residences to  students who outshine in their relevant areas of specialization and restructure government policies retaining the existing programs  and paving way for privatization.

Tax Reforms: This is the most worried about sector in any country for the citizens. He assures that he will assign simplified tax policies by lowering the tax rates and reducing corporate tax to 25 percent. He further says that the tax reforms will be permanent so that entrepreneurs need not worry about the changes and the income tax will be lowered per head.

Regulation: Romney’s administration will be user- friendly to the public with mild regulations and the power of imposing accountable regulation in monetary actions will be evaded as he begins his rule, with new regulatory costs.

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Sumit Mund,Founder & Director,Mund-Consulting