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Entrepreneurial Lessons from Women

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, let’s take a look at the contribution of women in building a company and what differentiates them being successful, irrespective of their gender. The U.S. is flocked with a couple of companies whose key persons are women today. The top entrepreneurs from the numero uno countries around the world; have listed few points so that the rest who want to follow them, can join their path of learning and entrepreneurship, reports smart company.

#1. Hardwork and Flexibility towards Work: Betty Fong, a co- owner of a retail chain says that she has a balance towards her work life and her personal life. Her day is planned accordingly, prioritizing amongst the two. Whether it is attending a board meeting or packing lunch for the kids, women can multi taskers and should always be one.

#2.  Pick your fruits of Ripe:  Being a CEO of the company, it is important to have the right people around you so that you are not stressed with additional work, that others have to do. Right from your partner to your subordinates, it is essential that you have a healthy relationship with everyone.

This reduces your work burden because you will function as a team,  with one goal and thrive towards achieving the goal.

#3. Women play a Vital Role:  Women need a push in a company to step forward and make their role evident in the company. This culture does not come easily in a work environment, but it has to be initiated with a positive attitude. If they are empowered to take up the lead in any such circumstance, we will see more women coming out of their cocoon with creative ideas of establishing companies.

#4. Adopt Strategies:  Stay focused and think big to achieve where you actually dreamt your company to be. If you are organized and are a perfectionist in your work, success is not far from your reach. If you have already reached the success phase, plan ahead to expand your company with better ideas.

#5. Let Money not interfere: Don’t compromise on anything for the company you want to build, irrespective of the cost involved.

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