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Embedly to Introduce Two New Features

The Y Combinator backed startup called Embedly has, after some months of beta testing, now come up with two new products namely “Extract” and “Display”. Mainly dealing with the service of content embedding, the startup has in fact served customers like SoundCloud, Kickstarter, Reddit, Storify, 37 Signals,, Yammer and several others.

The company’s core technology is Embed which is used in getting photos, videos and other rich media embedded into apps and websites. The startup is now in a better position of getting itself transformed from a mere platform for embedding to a toolkit for developers.

The startup was founded in 2010 and is based in Boston. A seed funding round has also been raised from those like Chris Sacca, Ron Conway, and Betaworks. A larger round was also raised from others like Adam  Schwartz, Venture 51, Social Leverage and Howard Lindzon.

The platform’s main focus is on developers who look to getting their links converted into inline embedded media like documents, charts, photos, videos and more. The embedding service can also be made to work with SSL thus extending support to a number of sites.

“Display”, as Sean Creeley, the startups cofounder says mainly has its focus on getting images transformed across a service or website. Developers here can receive help in getting images resized, cropped, brought down to uniformity and much more. This is especially helpful on the mobile in preventing bandwidth on smartphones from being eaten up by large images.

“Extract” on the other hand pays attention to getting the information in a article understood. Developers in this way get receive help in the understanding of articles that are related to each other. In this way it encourages link building and gets important elements pulled out from an article.

This is also helpful in various other services like mobile apps, Flipboard like Interfaces, commenting, bookmarking etc. The services offered can be picked and chosen by developers. The new features can now be signed up for.

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