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Eliademy: Education Found in Cloud

The OS team at MeeGo had once been referred to as the Alpha team by the former Vice President at Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, has even proved worthy of its title. The members of its alumni have recently had more than one startup created. The team has always been known for their hardwork and capacity for getting results produced with the least amount of resources.

CBTec, an ambitious startup here has been focusing on the industry for online learning. It has thus recently gotten a cloud based VLE platform launched in order to have a take on legacy players initially before it could grow into one of the leading Massively Open Online Course (MOOC). The cloud based functionality is free.

The startup’s main focus is on countries that are emerging and non English speaking. This is a the area that Sotiris Makrygiannis, the CEO of the company believes that most players in the area of online learning and in fact the whole of Silicon Valley fail to pay attention to.

“We start from the opposite direction with heavy investment in localization, understanding the different cultures, different education systems they have,” says Makrygiannis,  “That’s our differentiator.”, as reported by

The languages that are currently being supported by the startup are Latin American Spanish, Russian, Finnish and English. The startup plans to grow its platform to including fifty more languages.

Most of the members on the team here are former employees at Nokia.

Apart from the common VLE, the platform also provides other features for MOOC like forums for discussion, a shared calendar, a task manager, support for file attachments and a CMS for course content. The progress of students can be overviewed by teachers and a system is also provided for the grading of students based on their performances.

The startup plans to get money generated through the creation of a marketplace for its content. Its main focus at this stage is however on product development and growth.

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