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edX, the Platform for Online Learning to go International

Online education systems have been doing a lot to help college students these days, the major names here being Coursera and Udacity. Their use to students has not gone unnoticed and more online courses have been coming up be of use.

 A recent online course here is tdX, formed jointly by MIT and Harvard. The course provides students a platform for interactive study online.

This is a nonprofit partnership where courses from both the renowned schools are available online. The project had in fact been backed by a $60 million.

Learners from around the world can receive an access to these courses. The platform has been built over the open source MITx platform. Its technology can thus be benefited by all the other institutions.

The organization aims to get its platform used by Universities in researching the effectiveness of online learning and receive a wider understanding of the transforming of education through technology and how technology can take education beyond the classroom. The course has in fact benefited over 6, 75,000 students from over the world till date.

The platform aims to get a million students educated in this year and over a billion within the next decade.  It has a much larger vision while compared with other MOOCs, which solely focus on the providing of free online courses to its students.

The project has thus been officially expanded to the continents of Europe and Asia. It also plans to get more courses added to its roster and the number of its member institutions doubled.

This will help the platform “to better achieve its mission of providing a world-class education for everyone, everywhere,” says Anant Agarwal who serves as the President. It will also help in its aim of becoming an international body. Courses will be offered in different areas of expertise. “Each of these schools was carefully selected for the distinct expertise and regional influence they bring to the platform,” the edX President said, as reported by


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