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Easilydo Builder for the Creation of Automated Tasks

Launched in the last year, Easilydo is an app that helps users make life simpler by getting itself integrated with various other applications on a user’s phone.

The app first suggests its connection with your account on Facebook and iPhone Address Book. Data then gets pulled and a list of tasks gets created. Things like track shipments, conference calls and reminders on the next meeting are other areas in which the platforms offers to help its users.

Launched in the U.S, the startup’s product was first tested with a Canadian release. It was right then that the startup had plans to get itself expanded by increasing the number of tasks that can be accomplished by the app. This was why it had seen the need to get more outside developers recruited and new functionality built. The startup had also conducted a funding round arriving at an amount of $4.3 million. The round had included investors like Mayfield Fund and U.S.Venture Partners.

The startup is now taking another step by launching the Easilydo Builder. With the launching of the recent service, users can now get the app customized so that certain tasks can be performed automatically. All that a user has to do is get a trigger and the tasks to be performed identified. Users can also be alerted at certain times like a time for leaving a meeting.

Since it is in a social contexts that most of the tasks get arrived in, there exists the doubt as to whether the automation will be seen as distasteful. However, even then the founders are hoping to get the platform further extended with developers using the basic model to get their own tasks built. A hackathon is also going to be held in Redwood City on the fifteenth and sixteenth of this month in order to get their efforts jumpstarted.


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