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Draft: Today's Best Word Processor

With the launching of Drafts, Google Docs can now get most of its major problems solved. Drafts can now be cleanly saved and the previous clear version control can be replaced. The brains behind this startup are Nathan Kontny who had earlier built the Y Combinator team.

The most importance here is placed with solo writing. Written words appear on a light grey background in a large, plain text font. The top right corner contains a manual button saying “mark draft” in addition to the autosave feature found in usual online word processors. The hitting of the button will lead to a series of drafts being created. These drafts can then be compared with each other.

Links can also be shared with other users who can come in and get them edited. A click into the drafts view will present to the edited texts marked with a red background and other additions marked in green. Previous versions can also be reverted to and newer versions can be accepted.

The current drafts can also be edited in comparison with previous ones kept side by side. The platform thus goes a long way in letting you write in your best way before you get your work published.

Documents from Google Drive, Evernote, Box and DropBox can also be imported here. However publishing tools and other blog network attributes are not included here. It’s main focus is on the process of creation that can be used by a wide variety of writers.

The existence of the startup in its early stages marks the presence of a revenue line. Serious individual bloggers and other organizations that do not have copy editors can make use of this.

Qualified editors are being sourced by Kontny for the handling of copy and other content oriented editing as wanted by the user. A guarantee of satisfaction will be offered to users.

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