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Downtown Project Comes Up With 100 Teslas

Project 100, the new venture that was only recently announced by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, as a part of his downtown project will now provide Las Vegas with a complete transportation system. Users can either take a bike or get a car borrowed. A monthly subscription fee gets involved here.

A hundred Teslas have in fact been bought by the Downtown Project and users can now get a chance to ride in a Tesla Model S. The startup’s deal made with Tesla is in fact one of the largest reservations in the found in the history of Tesla in the U.S. The CEO had planned to get this done earlier.

"In the downtown project side of things, we are in the process of talking about possibly buying 100 Teslas. But to make the leap from that to saying we already bought 100 Teslas is like saying a startup that is looking to fundraise has already closed a round of financing. They are two completely different things.", says Tony Hsieh.

Other models of cars may be ordered by the company in the future. These include cars like the low range Polaris GEMS along with some other cheaper cars which can be used for shorter distances. Due to the fact that they are 100 percent electric, they need to be supported by new infrastructure. This underlying technology will be supplied by Local Motion.

Instead of the hourly or distance based billing, a flat subscription fee will be implemented by the project. The cost of this fee is in fact much less than that involved in the owning of a car. The project is being led by Zach Ware and will begin with its Beta testing very soon in the months to follow. Hubs will soon be created in multiple locations in order to get the app released.

The Las Vegas downtown area is thus soon to be revitalized.


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