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Don't Buy a Jet- Hire One

Having earlier cofounded the successful Uber, the car service dispatch app, CEO Garrett Camp has now moved on to the launching of BlackJet. Individuals can now book themselves a seat on a private jet to take them anywhere across the United States, provided they can afford a $7000 and are invited to use the company’s service.

The company has mainly emerged from Greenjets, another private jet service that was launched in 2009. The company will now be run by the CEO of Greenjets Dean Rotchin. The mission behind the launching of Green Jets was to get fuel costs and emissions cut down.

Travelers thus do not have to really own a private jet but can get one hired on demand. On becoming a member on this site, an individual is guaranteed a seat on any of these flights. The services of the company are now found in Florida, New York and Los Angeles. It also plans to get itself expanded in las Vegas, San Francisco and fifteen other states very soon.

The jets here are not really owned by the company. It merely plays a role in connecting travelers with charter services. However the challenge lies in getting people to use the service here. “So many people who have tried to create models to share seats have failed because it’s very hard to get people wealthy enough to hire a private jet to share a flight,” says Ken Starnes, who runs “Their egos are as big as office buildings.” as reported by

“It’s a bit of misnomer that super wealthy people wouldn’t use our service,” Rotchin says. “We have many clients who are very wealthy and own their own jets, but also fly commercial and are willing to use BlackJet.”

The startup has in fact been financially supported by actors like Ashton Kutcher, Will Smith, Tim Ferris and Jay-Z.

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