Developer Auction Raises $2.7 M

A company for the smartest developers in the organization, Developer Auction has raised $ 2.7 Million, from NEA, Sierra Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Google Ventures, Jeff Clavier’s SoftTech VC, and John Suliman’s Step Partners, as reported by Kim mai TechCrunch. This round of funding was done to initiate the venture firms.

The headhunting of engineers is reversed because top notch developers can be a part of the new batch of engineers. The current batch is expecting around 150 candidates. The new batch of hiring begins on the 18th this month when fresh candidates can apply. Companies like drop box are on a salary and an equity bid offer for two weeks.Currently it has generated $225 million in the job offers. The company is going around to hiring in different regions and colleges, whether engineering.

This is helping the talent of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and in other countries around the world. “A big missed opportunity for startups is that they only want to hire from within 50 mile. If they would just pay for a Southwest plane ticket, they might end up getting a much better price and not facing nearly as much competition.”  Reports Matt Mickiewicz, one of the founders, as reported by Tech Crunch

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