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Desktop Virtualization Startup, WorldDesk Raises $1.25

WorldDesk, the desktop virtualization startup has raised $1.25 Million in the seed round. This round of funding was raised by existing investors Lough Shore Investment, as the seed round of funding reported SiliconRepubllic. Headquartered in Belfast, the company provides cloud storage services so that the common man can take his cell phone along with him, wherever he goes.

Since a person’s phone consists of all the data and apps he has to be connected to the internet all the time. Therefore, cloud is the relied sources of technology in this age. With cloud as a major source; WorldDesk has developed has a unique technology,  that enables quick movement of files, apps, folders and profiles between the two devices using cloud interface.

“WorldDesk is a start-up we’ve been working with for a number of years now and this further funding is indicative of a company that is beginning to see some very real traction and success,” Lough Shore Investments principal Danny Moore explained,as reported by SiliconRepubllic.   

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