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Cogility receives Funding from U.S Army

Cogility Software Corp, a company that delivers comprehensive offerings and solutions has recently received an additional funding of $500,000 from the U.S Army . The company mainly delivers its offerings where different complexities in an Enterprise Integration solution are melded into a single and sophisticated product. This is the first ever company to provide such an offering. Providing clients informed decisions regarding the strategies and structures of their applications, Cogilty delivers advanced end to end solutions to its clients.

The funding  will now be utilized for the further development of its tools for joint IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) analysis.

The company is based in Providence, Rhode Island. With extensive experience in System Engineering, Business Consulting and application integrations architectures, Cogility Software is wholly owned by Acquired Sales Corp.

"Working with the U.S. Army to find new ways of understanding and defeating IEDs and saving American lives is our most critically important task," said Cogility Chief Executive Officer Dan Terry. "We are honored to bring this software tool to the tip of the spear in the service of our warfighters.-as reported by

"Through my nine years of involvement and three years on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, I feel that JIST and Cogility's broader system engineering capabilities can be a game changer in the Global War on Terrorism.", says Terry.

The IED analysis tools play a role in overlaying disparate intelligence and related data. Apart from this it organizes the information before getting it disseminated to troops and analysts.

Cogilty’s complex processing system and Template Event Processing Language system is normally leveraged by the JIST system which uses the Cogility Studio Suite.

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