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Cobook 2.0 For an Address Book in your iPhone

With the recent launching of version 2.0 by the Mac app for contact management, Cobook, users can now get their contacts automatically updated will all the current information.

The new feature here is Livecards. Though startups and technology have made life simpler in many ways, the innovation of an address book that can be automatically updated was something yet to occur and now finally has. It was last December that the startup Cobook had begun to extend its service to the iPhone.

The solution that it has implemented here is a simple one. The Cobook first gets updated on the user’s iPhone. Users are then prompted to “Connect Livecards” . A button will have to be tapped, information can be filled out and friends can be selected. A message can then be sent to friends who will either get them confirmed or ignored.

The user’s friend’s network can also help the startup to get more traction gained. Though the service is now available only through Facebook, Kaspars dancis, the CEO of the company plans to make it possible through email registrations very soon.

“The only thing that needs to be synced through our servers is your Livecard,” he explains, as reported by

Users can control their Livecard with the information that they want to make public. The feature is optional where the user is provided the option of using Livecard only for the management of an address book and not for sharing.

The app can also be made to sync with a user’s Google and iCloud contacts. Also, data from other social networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter can also get pulled in here. The process of syncing is free from conflicts.

A user of Cobook who had earlier made categorizations and customizations of his list of contacts the changes that he made will be saved with the updation of version 2.0.

Some of the startup’s competitor’s include Brewster and Smartr.

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