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CLOUDSEC 2015 Discusses the Top Security Technologies to Tackle the Evolved Cyber Attacks

Bengaluru: CLOUDSEC, the leading security conference in APAC and Europe which is being hosted by Trend Micro, kicked off its fifth annual edition this year with the tagline – ‘Expect the Unexpected’. The global financial system, businesses, government organizations and other people are interconnected with each other through internet and this has led to the increase in the intensity of cyber attacks around the world. Experts from various countries gathered in Mumbai to discuss the ongoing issue of digital chaos due to high degree of interconnectedness of the current networked world.

Trend Micro’s Q2 Security Roundup Report revealed startling evidence to the ways in which these cyber attacks have evolved. The cyber criminals are no longer targeting only the corporate networks. Instead, they are also attacking the internet-connected minor physical infrastructures like petrol stations and other automatic vehicular systems. By seeing the nature of these advanced attacks, we are haunted by the questions – Are we at a point where the world has created an over connected, and vulnerable global system which, under intense pressure, could collapse and throw civilization into chaos? Could such a scenario could be closer than we think?

To address these challenges, the experts gathered at CLOUDSEC 2015 discussed about the current security landscape and the steps that need to be taken to overcome them. Some of the key sessions from CLOUDSEC 2015 included speeches from Raimund Genes (CTO, Trend Micro), Dhanya Thakkar (Managing Director, APAC, Trend Micro) and Myla V. Pilao (Director, TrendLabs Marketing Communications, Trend Micro) who all spoke about the top disruptive security technologies that can be used against the evolved mechanizations of cybercriminals to avoid major data breaches.

“Everything is evolving to take advantage of today’s new digital reality. Disruptive technologies will produce large, complex and intelligent hyper-connected networks and cybercriminals will certainly follow technology disruption closely to develop and launch attacks in unexpected ways. In such scenario, it becomes even more imperative to have platforms like CLOUDSEC to better comprehend and combat cybercriminals,” says Raimund.
“The networked nature of today’s world, coupled with the increasing intensity and frequency of cyber attacks, means that we might just be a major attack or two away from creating a domino effect that could spread around the globe disrupting business and society,” cites Dhanya. “However, the cumulative intelligence of the security community is exponentially more than the sum of its parts. This is the true value of a platform like CLOUDSEC, which helps attendees better understand and navigate today’s cyber security issues and challenges,” he added.

CLOUDSEC was started in 2011 and been recognized as one the best internet security conferences across the globe. The conference showcases presentations and speeches from global industry experts. Its tagline – ‘Have A Safe Journey’ is aimed at inspiring technology professionals, businesses and other users to embark on a never-ending journey to learn efficient management techniques in order to reach their corporate goal securely. This conference is held at major APAC cities and is hosted by Trend Micro along with the support of industry leaders, government agencies, NGOs, internet security professionals & technology vendors from across the world.

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