Cloud-based SaaS Firm InstaSafe Grabs Funding from IAN's Vishal Khare & Alok Agarwal

Bengaluru: As we all know, cloud has become the pet kid of startups and venture capitalists. The investors are showering the startups that foray into cloud space with large amount of funds. In light of this, InstaSafe, a Bengaluru-based cloud SaaS firm, has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from IAN’s Vishal Khare and Alok Agarwal. The company intends to shell out the freshly raised capital to enhance its technological offerings, further develop its existing products and expand their business operations to new geographical areas.

Excited about their new fundraising, Sandip Kumar Panda, Founder & CEO, InstaSafe, says, “We have had an amazing and extremely experiential journey with IAN & CAN. CIO Angel Networks backing gives us awesome validation. The collective industry knowledge and business acumen of leading CIO’s, Vishal and Alok come with, has helped us build our product and team better. At InstaSafe, it’s our mission is to make organizations more safe, secure & productive by leveraging the power of the cloud. We believe our platform can become the trusted cloud-based security layer globally that spans organizations, applications and devices to enable users to get work done more safely, efficiently –when, where and how they want. We believe that InstaSafe has the potential to emerge as global company out of India”.

“We saw a great potential for growth and scope for expanding this cloud-based offering to many valid use cases in near future. InstaSafe’s has a competitive edge over other traditional network security appliance players and that’s what makes it unique and disruptive. Organization at all levels value secure solutions, and we believe that InstaSafe will enjoy a promising growth in the coming years. At IAN, we have always believed in supporting businesses that bring value to its customer and InstaSafe is definitely one of them,” Vishal Khare, Lead IAN investor commented.

Spearheaded by a  technology enthusiast, Sandip Kumar Panda, InstaSafe was founded in 2012. It is a cloud-based security startup which assists the enterprises to adopt cloud computing technologies and applications. The company provides a cloud-based platform which acts as an intermediary and addresses all the concerns of cloud adoption. It helps organizations become more productive by extending their ability to work from any location or device.

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