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California Based Customer Outsourcing Firm TaskUs Grabs $15 Million from Navegar

Bangalore: TaskUs, a California based customer outsourcing company, raises $15 million in funding from Navegar, a Philippines-based private equity fund whose partners were the founders of the call centre outsourcing industry. TaskUs will utilize the fund to expand their business and boost the morale of their employees through additional benefits including fully paid tution fees for one child of each employee, medical claims and health benefits, a fitness centre, paid leave and also a fully paid trip to exotic holiday destinations for top performers.

Founded in 2008 by Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir, TaskUs is a leading customer support outsourcing company for rapidly growing startups and fast-growing internet companies that require high quality service. More than 200 innovative companies across the world like Uber, Groupon, Tinder and HotelTonight have chosen TaskUs to deliver customer care and back office support. More than 10 TaskUs clients have achieved billion-dollar valuations since 2008. TaskUs now owns and operate from five different centres in the Philippines with its headquarters in Santa Monica, California.

“This is the first time we’ve taken any outside funding, and we sought out Navegar as a partner because of its deep roots in our sector,” said Bryce Maddock, CEO & Co-Founder of TaskUs. “I’m proud to announce that TaskUs is profitable and on a $35 million revenue run rate. We’ve doubled revenue and headcount in the past five months, and we plan to triple our current revenue and headcount by the end of 2016. This funding allows us to invest heavily in our people, open offices in new geographies and integrate world class technology into our service offering.”

“TaskUs was created by Millennials and employs Millennials across the world. Simply put there is no better company when it comes to serving the needs of the mobile-first generation,” said Nori Poblador, Partner at Navegar. “Bryce and Jasper envisioned a new standard for customer service outsourcing and executed on that vision. What was most interesting to us was that they are focused on creating delivery centers where employees are truly valued and treated just as well as employees are treated at tech startups in Silicon Valley.”


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