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BuzzMob to Connect Brands with Fans

Launched in 2011, BuzzMob, with its location based fan engagement app has major plans of working on the obsession with mobiles these days. Its community message board is designed in order to add to the excitement of live events. Users can now tap into the status updates, tips and images fed by fellow event goers.

While individual users were the startups main point of focus right from the very beginning, where fans could get targeted message boards created around certain locations, the startup has now decided to get its capability extended to brands, event organizers and sports teams.

The startup with its BuzzMobv2.0 plans to get its capabilities for other venues extended. Virtual communities can now be created around live events focused on shared interests and location. The conversation feeds, video streams, event photos, movies and exclusive music can now be curated by event organizers and brands.

Brands are thus provided with a better way of getting themselves connected with customers. Loyal fans are rewarded with swag and an opportunity for more lasting relationships.

Floors plans can now be more easily shared by venues, directions could be more easily shared at music festivals, and fans can be directed to merchandise or band’s music after a show. The events dashboard can now be used by brands and event organizers in getting an access to the administrative tools and real time analytics

Big businesses can get their attendee submissions curated and controlled more easily. These are some of the reasons behind the startup having attracted various events and brands like the Kairos Society, Global Green, USC Alumni association, Komikaze, AFI Film Fest etc.

“Our new mobile experience and partner toolset in the latest version of BuzzMob has allowed us to begin working with a number of venues, stadiums, sports teams and high-traffic locations,” CEO Jeff Jackel says, although he declined to share more names for legal reasons.

The startup has in fact recently appointed the co founder of StubHub, Shawn Kernes as its CTO.


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