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BuildZoom to Connect Contractors and Homeowners

Founded by Jiyan Naghshineh Wei,the startup BuildZoom has recently got its public debut made. This is a new service where homeowners can now be helped by licensed contractors in order to get their projects remodeled. In fact, almost every licensed contractor in the U.S. is now included on the startup’s database. The number of licensed contractors here has thus come up to a $2.5 million.

This is very helpful to users who can search through this database and get profiles of categorized contractors drilled down into.

The founder of this startup was in fact a former product manager at Vocus. David Peterson is another founder in the company. He had earlier served as the founder of ImportGenius, a company that deals with shipping database.

“We were looking at other ways we could use government data, and we realized we could use it to seed the community of homeowners and contractors,” Petersen explains, as reported by

In fact, both the founders here are homeowners’ themselves.

BuildZoom can be visited by consumers who want to know whether a contract has been licensed along with other details like the class of license, the year of license, whether it has been suspended or not, whether they are insured, bonded or anything else depending on the requirements of the state.

“There’s all this really important data that’s out there to protect consumers, but there was this big obstacle between doing all the regulatory work, and having consumers access that information,” Wei explains.

The startup is also planning to get its contractor profiles augmented with the help of information got from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It has, till today compiled data gathered from over ten percent of the markets in the U.S. and these include regions like Rhode Island, Pittsburg, Columbus, Boston and Phoenix.

The company also plans to get itself monetized with services offered to contractors, where they can also get paid advertisements bought from their sites, and get websites designed for their customers. Contractors however will not be charged for referrals and lead gen.

Over 20,000 contractors had got themselves signed up during the beta period of the company.


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