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Brand Launch Centre to Organize a Workshop at the 7th Edition of TechSparks 2016

Bengaluru: TechSparks 2016, an industry event which has supported numerous startups since its inception in 2010, is now back with its 7th edition. At TechSparks 2016, Sameer Desai, a marketing veteran and CSO of Brand Launch Center (BLC), a startup launch program, will conduct a workshop especially for the startups. This workshop will enlighten the startups on various topics such as how to launch and deal with product risk, market risk, financial risk and technology risk and will focus on building real business, growing real consumer and having real revenues. This event will be held today at Taj Vivanta in Bengaluru.

“The Start-up world is in a precarious situation. Good ideas are stuck at the ‘go-to-market’ stage and there is hardly anyone who can hand hold the Start-Ups or their promoters. Brand Launch Centre has taken up this challenge and a team of professionals will work with Start-Ups end-to-end in the branding and marketing value chain. At BLC, ideas inspire us. Innovation drives us. Results keep us going,” cites Sameer.

Having 22 years of experience in brand launch and brand strategies, Sameer gave an initial brand push to Tork motorcycles at TechSparks 2016. Tork T6X by Tork Motorcycles is the nation’s first electric performance motorcycle which is built with seven years of research and development. Tork Motorcycles was founded by a Pune-based entrepreneur Kapil Shelke in 2010. BLC with its extensive market and consumer research, positioned T6X bike and defined what the brand stands for and promise it exudes that will change the world of city motorcycling.

“Launching is a major challenge for the bootstrapped Start-Ups, whose marketing budgets are often constrained. While working extensively with early-stage companies in the past, we have noticed that companies fail to perform despite having great products and great ideas. And they fail not because of the product or service, but because of their inability to create a strong brand image among their target consumers,” concludes Sameer.

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