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Branch Gives Users A New Platform For Social Conversations

Launched to the public very recently, Branch is a startup that focuses on providing its customers public conversations of high quality on the web. Branch is backed by an incubator called the Obvious Corporation from two of the co founders at Twitter, Biz Stone and Evan Williams apart from another former employee at Twitter namely Jason Goldman.

Obvious Corporation, in fact , is also home to another blogging platform called Medium. Branch, like Medium and Twitter, has its focus on new tools on sharing, hosting and publishing online discussions in order to get the web leveraged as a platform for social discussions.

This way, it hopes to explore another niche within this space, which is nothing but dialogues between different participants. Apart from this, users can also pull in content, tweets and videos and get them expanded with other users adding to the conversation through twitter or email.

This is why the company Branch is mostly associated with Twitter where it uses most of the users on Twitter in order to get itself involved in discussions that are longer and deeper. This way ,it aims to enable another version of Twitter which has a log form.

Users can thus use the platform available at Branch in order to obtain advice, share media, or post their comments in order to receive some feedback. Users will thus have to tweet their ideas in order to get them shared.

The company first moved from private to public Beta in August 2012. It has recently had its entire Beta Label dropped apart from having announced several of its new features. One among these new features is highlights where it can provide its users with encouragement and feedback.

Activity Feed is another new feature here where users can keep a track of the different changes around the different branches that they are a part of.

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