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Bookboard with an App To Encourage Reading

This age of apps, mobiles and gadgets has indeed done a lot of harm to a child’s reading habits which do not seem to be rising, thus increasing the concern of parents. While some of them fetch the idea of startups towards this target, the others can make good use of it. One recent one here is Bookboard, a startup founded by Fang Chang, Nigel Pegg and Michael Fitzpatrck, three former employees at Adobe.

The service here is mainly aimed at developing and encouraging a child’s love for books and reading. Having recently got its ipad app launched, it provides children and parents an access to various books in is library. The founders here, being parents came across the idea of this startup from their very own personal need.

The library of Bookboard has in it a number of books that go up to more than three hundred and all targeted at kids from the ages of two to seven years. Individual profiles can be set up by their parents, progress can get tracked and reading difficulties can be adjusted.

“What can Bookboard do to motivate kids to spend more time reading?”, says Pegg, the CTO of the company as reported by

It is this goal that the startup keeps in mind when its makes decisions regarding its design, especially when it comes to game dynamics in the app. The app adapts with the changing interests of growing children.

The company has also introduced progressive locking in order to drive its service. Kids are first made to choose from an initial set of books. Kids can thus get motivated so that they get a look at the next set. More choices get unlocked with time. In this way, more time is spent by kids on reading than getting titles browsed.

Bestselling children’s books are not yet introduced on the list. However partnerships have been struck with companies like Open Road Integrated Media and Peachtree Publishers. A user here can either opt for a six month subscription of $29.94 or a monthly subscription of $8.99.

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