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Blippar Launches its First Ever Mobile-based Visual Search Platform

Bengaluru: Blippar, a New York headquartered image recognition and augmented reality firm, launches its first ever mobile-based visual search platform. Through this new re-launched version of the Blippar app, users can get information about any objects around them by simply pointing the camera on their smartphones towards the object, after which the app automatically starts a thorough digital search of that project and gathers information from the internet.

“Blippar has already worked with thousands of the world’s largest brands and publishers to create engaging branded experiences that are triggered by objects, magazine pages, advertisements and more, “blipped” by millions of users around the world,” quotes Ambarish Mitra, Founder & CEO, Blippar.  “It is the healthy appetite for this new behaviour that has fuelled the move into visual search,” he added.

Through the Blippar app, users will be served high quality and most accurate information from within the app, which will be displayed on a fluid user interface using the color input directly from the blipped item itself. The speed and accuracy that the platform offers is also high compared to traditional web search. In addition to this, Blippar’s location-based predictive computing uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to refine and personalize its visual search results for each user.

Ambarish further adds, “The human imagination, curiosity and the quest for knowledge are all often limited by our capacity to define and assign language to describe and seek answers from the world around us. Today marks the beginning of a new era of search, where curious users will be able to visually search the world through the lens of the Blippar app. The technology holds massive potential for enriching real world experiences and delivering genuine value to our users. The visual search is not replacing text-based search, it’s an alternate behaviour which satisfies people’s spontaneous needs of instant object focused curiosity, therefore introducing the light web”.

Co-Founded in 2011 by Omar Tayeb, Ambarish Mitra, Steve Spencer and Jessica Butcher, Blippar is the world’s leader in image-recognition space and it serves as a visual browser for brands, advertisers, and publishers. It enables the users to bring newspapers, magazines and other products to instant life through their smartphones.

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