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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Gives BetterLessons a Grant of $3.5 Million

BetterLessons, a Startup that deals with Education Technology has recently found itself in the enviable position of having received a grant of $3.5 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Thus the total amount of money raised by the startup becomes $6 million.

 The startup company had earlier raised an amount of $1.6 million from funds mainly led by venture firms like NewSchools, General Catalyst, Highland Capital etc. The recent money acquired from the Bill and Melinda Gates grant has reduced the company’s burden of giving up the extra share of equity from their business

The Startup is now in a good position to launch better learning projects and increase its staff. It now plans to launch a new learning project which is core inspired and helpful to teachers in capturing the best approaches for their lesson plans, curriculum and classroom management.

After having spent years of efforts, the company has now come to certain conclusions like a greater focus on classroom management approaches and strategies of instruction, apart from a more effective curriculum.

With experienced classroom teachers to be taken as participants of the project, they will soon be recognized as master teachers for their efforts in sharing their views to help create the optimal learning content.

These master teachers will be provided an access to the best coaches with the most capable core knowledge along with support to their developing courses . Various approaches to classroom management, planning and instruction will be captured and shared with these teachers.

Erin Osborne, CEO for BetterLessons declares that the project will soon begin with a focus on mathematics for students from 6th to the 12th grade. The project will rely less on testing and more on better practices and effective approaches to classroom management and teaching.

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