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Better Sharing of Images with Percolate

While it till now placed its focus in helping its clients in the sharing and creation of content, Percolate, the technology startup has only recently decided to take a step forward with its new visual strategy.

Cofounded by James Gross, the startup has also worked for companies like Fortune 500. It is a fact that images play a major role in the sharing by businesses on the social media. Though this could be done with sharing through Percolate, significant features for an easier process were not yet included in the startup’s service. However, with the emergence of integrations with Aviary and Getty Images, the scene today has been changing.

Percolate now provides to its customers, an advanced library of photographs. Having a right to getting the images used need not be a concern among users here. Percolate sorts through the entire library and understands various topics in order to help companies by providing what is relevant. This makes the process easier and photos can be looked for based on various things just like in tags.

Clients on finding a photograph, whether from their own uploaded images or from the library of images at Getty, can get them edited using the photo editing tool that is available and found on Percolate. A couple of images have in face already been edited by Gross along with texts and filters. The process in fact does not take more than a minute or two.

“Brands are trying to make photos look more and more organic, more and more like people are used to,” Gross said. “Adding any sort of filter can have a very powerful effect on what might be a very standard photo.”, as reported by

Features found in a product that resembles Photoshop are in fact being given up by users of Percolate. “They don’t need all the tools of Photoshop with 95 to 100 percent of these images.”, says Gross on the other hand.

The company is now partners with Linkedin thus helping clients get content shared on that network too.


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