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Better Ads with SoundCloud

SoundCloud, the audio platform has only recently got its subscription plans changed. Apart from this, it has also announced another plan in order to help brand and content partners. However, users, both casual and pros are a little confused after the addition of five new tiers offered by the service of the company. Its available plans will now be dropped to three for each individual user.

Pro Partner, another new Beta plan that exists here has included an interesting feature called “Moving Sounds” as named by SoundClouds. In this way, images will thus be allowed to run behind the streaming tracks of SoundCloud. Brands will also be provided with a greater potential to get advertisements run.

Lite, Solo, Pro and Plus accounts which were the previously existing plans will now be replaced by three new plans.  Paid users can now get an access to more comprehensive analytics and higher upload limits at lower rates, both monthly and yearly. The charges for pro are a $3.90 for a monthly service and a $11.7 for a Pro Unlimited.

There is no much difference between the old plan and the new when it comes to the limits for storage and costs. The main difference is that the analytics are much improved here. The Pro Unlimited Plans gives a user an access to an unlimited storage. Those subscribing upfront for a year will also be provided with a discount.

The options for upgrading will now be more easily understood by new users.Partner can now get better visual profiles created with moving sounds and banners.

The company also has its plans to get its take on a subscription service for music launched. The Pro Partner Beta is its first push. The startup had also worked with companies like Coca Cola, Red Bull and even the London 2012 Olympics. The startup has in fact managed to get itself reached by over a hundred and eighty users each month.

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