Because You Get Along With Someone Who Shares Your Taste

Whoever said that you cannot make friends with a stranger? It’s difficult not to when you share the same taste and that too in music. And with an opportunity available, why let go of a good experience. This is what san Fransisco based startup Moosify has been working on.

But mind the misunderstandings for this is not a dating site, though it is often used as one. It’s more of a platform where you find a person who shares your taste in music.

The startup was founded in the last year by two Austrian co founders namely Hans Posch and Roman Sharf. The application has been useful to over ten thousand users up to this day.

Although a Master in Law, Posch has always been fascinated by startups, this being his third one. The idea for Moosify occurred to him after the experience of tunesBag, his previous startup, which dealt with cloud music.

The difficulties that he came across regarding copyrights and the collecting of societies led him to turn towards the music industry, with platforms that could licsence for his startup.

Roman Sharf is another co founder in the company who was also the founder of Jajah, the former VoIP Company, and serves as a great partner top Posch by way of getting him introduced to the right people.

So what makes this platform different from the other similar ones? The answer lies in its authenticity and emotionality. Music is the main focus of this startup.

“I will be doing an interview about our recently closed VC round!”, says Posch, when asked where he sees his startup in a year’s time.

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