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Bazaarvoice CEO Brett Hurt Steps Down to Join Venture Firm

Hurt has recently stepped down from his former position as CEO of Bazaarvoice which will be succeeded by Stephen Collins. Now at 40, the experienced entrepreneur has decided to join Austin Ventures to concentrate on making deals in investments and mentoring entrepreneurs. However Hurt still continues to play the role of Vice Chairman and serve on the Board of Directors at Bazaarvoice.

"I really think Austin is poised for explosive growth in entrepreneurship," says Brett Hurt, the cofounder of Bazaarvoice in 2005.-as reported by Businessweek.

"It's got all the ingredients for that through the people that are here and the amazing creativity that they have. What is missing, though, is people who know how to scale companies from inception through an IPO and beyond. I now have a pretty rare skillset, and I'm excited to help find and coach the next great entrepreneur here.” says Brett.

Having led his company through rapid growth with offerings made and two acquisitions, Hurt has all the right experiences to take up the challenges of Austin Ventures.  The firm, having a raised a$900 million in 2008, plans to invest its $300 million in Startups, mostly Austin based.

"Brett has some rare and amazing experience in scaling a company, and there's a wealth of experience that he can share," Pacitti said. "There's not a ton of entrepreneurs who have gone through that process and are so energized about giving that back to other emerging entrepreneurs."

One of the many challenges of the software industry at Austin, according to Brett Hurt,  is to build companies that are strong and sustainable. "Silicon Valley is indoctrinated with a real think big mentality. In Austin, there are not a lot of entrepreneurs who know how to go from something small to something big. They need coaching to get there. In Silicon Valley, that coaching is more prevalent than it is here. I want to help young companies here get established and grow quickly, because that's where almost all our future job creation will come from", he says, as reported by the Business Week.


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