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AskYourTargetMarket for Better Panels, Questionnaires Etc

Having got itself started with the Techcrunch 50s demo pit, AskYourTargetMarket is a firm that deals with market research and has Lev Mazin as its CEO. The startup has since then made various improvements some of them being a better website, a more convenient pricing, added number of experts for market research, and an expanded reach for consumers to name a few.

The last time that details had been provided to the startups audience, respondents that had come up to over a 4.5 million had been accessed by the startup. The number of users has now grown to a twenty million worldwide. This target was mainly arrived at after having its propriety panels expanded and a few strategic partnerships closed.

The growth of the company is very important to the CEO so that customers can be offered more use cases. Customer demographics can be drilled down and more precise segments of users can be carved. This will benefit not just users of smartphones but even those of Android, provided they are male gamers coming from a specific age group.

Market Research Experts have also been added by the company in order to aid those users who either don’t have the time or do not know how to get it used. A turnkey service has been offered with a turnaround time of seven days.

While the inhouse staff will handle over eighty percent of the research assistance in the company, the external experts outsource the other twenty percent of it.

The scaling up of the firm’s expertise whether external or internal will mainly depend on the way this feature is being adopted by the startup’s customer base.

Apart from this new release, the startup has also introduced a few other features that include the support for video responses and video questionnaire.

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