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Art Startup Juicy Canvas Launches a New Service

Juicy Canvas, a startup that deals with customizable art and T-shirts has recently launched a new service, which will help its customers in buying its custom art. A user can now visit the site of Juicy Canvas, choose any picture of their liking and then tweak it by adjusting its size and color, rotating it or anything else. After paying the site, a user’s final tweaked version of the art will be printed and shipped to him or her.

The final result must be “influenced by the buyer’s own tastes and imagination, but ultimately keeping the core spirit of the artist’s original vision.” said a spokesperson from the company, as reported by Techcrunch.

Of course there are other companies that give users a similar experience. Zazzle, for one, helps users create t-shirts, iPhone cases and various other things by using custom designs. There’s EveryArt on the other hand that helps users’ commission paintings according to their tastes. But even then we can say that Juicy canvas is different.

The personal history behind the starting of the company is a long one. Juicy Canvas was mainly founded by Artur Maklyarevsky and his wife Deb Brugiaty. “Their shared love for street art, along with the dream to recreate the magic of those NYC art parties, slowly evolved into what they’re now proud to call JuicyCanvas — the only place on the web where the creative impulse of the novice is married with the genius of the artist.”,

Raised by a single, struggling mother, it was only later in life that Arthur discovered the presence of his father and the fact that he was an artist. Inspired by his father, he soon began to throw group parties for artists and non artists to paint on the same canvas. This melding of different artistic works led to masterpieces. He then flew to Buenos Aires to pursue his first startup and this is where he met journalist Debora Brugiati.

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