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Arro: An App to Help You Choose While Shopping

The iPhone’s latest companion in mobile shopping Arro, which will be launching this week, is mainly meant to help shoppers decide whether or not to buy a product. The startup mainly helps its users by providing them with the names of the top five choices that they have.

“Arro tells you whether you should buy the model you’re looking at or whether there are better choices,” Manish Vij, the co founder and CEO of the company he says. “And it makes it easy to help a friend who’s at the store and needs advice: simply tap the products you want to share,” Vij adds.

The app was first launched in 2012 with ten categories for the collection of user feedback. Then launched into beta, the app is now going public with over a hundred categories available.

The startup now focuses on high level categories like appliances, baby products, personal care, fitness, and electronics. On drilling into one of the many categories, a user is more likely to let the app know the features that matter to him. On seeing the shortlist and hitting the Find button, the user will be provided with the best choice along with a list of five other top choices.

The “Ask Friend” option is another benefit here where users can reach out through Twitter, email or Facebook.

The app is simple, straightforward, well designed and attractive and this is what makes it different from its competitors in the market. Based in Palo Alto, the Startup has recently closed a round in seed funding which included investors like Scott Crosby, the COO at Euclid, Kai Huang, Nick Mehta and others.


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