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Appy Couple Now Partners With

After having got its private beta launched, Appy Couple, the app creation platform that focuses on weddings, had seen a list of over seven thousand couples in its wait list. With expert designers having built over three hundred themes helped brides in their technological wedding hubs.

All that couples need to do is get a theme chosen. Invitations can then be sent, RSVPs can be tracked, photos and wedding stories can be sent and the wedding party can easily be collaborated with.

The couple specific app can in fact be downloaded by the members and guests at the wedding party. The app can get downloaded on to any of the user’s devices. Over 5, 00,000 guests have been hosted by the service so far, as has been observed by the cofounder Sharmeen Mitha Segal.

Having recently partnered with Brides/, the startup will now get back to the platform, the trend expertise from the Brides Band.

“Brides is pleased to partner with Appy Couple to launch a curated line of website and app designs. Brides is committed to embracing new and disruptive technologies that ease and streamline wedding planning for brides-to-be, and Appy Couple is an ideal, innovative solution for engaged couples.”, says Lisa Gooder, the director of Brides Digital, as reported by

The digital side of another program namely the Brides Live wedding will nowbe facilitated by Appy Couple. In this way a wedding can be planned entirely by getting itself based on the likes on Facebook.

The startup’s focus is now on getting its users provided with the best portfolio for design themes centered on weddings.

The startup differs from other similar services by way in which it provides its users with a dashboard where their own apps can be created. This is in fact one of the first platforms that focus on an industry like weddings and helps users in the easy creation of an app.

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