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Apple Receives Trademark for Its Creative Chime

Any user of an Apple Mackintosh computer will be familiar with the digital chime as the computer starts. This sound now belongs to Apple. The company now has its application for trademark approved by the Trademark and Patent Office in the U.S. The application was approved this week.

This is a sound found on most of Mac computers since 1991 and has been tweaked with changes overtime. However we do not find any large difference between how it sounded then and how it is now, apart from a few differences in pitch.

For Apple, this is the first time that a sound created by the company has been trademarked. While companies like Microsoft have had their sounds trademarked earlier, this is the first such achievement for Apple. Apple had earlier received trademarks for its slogans like “Time Capsule”, “Smart Cover” and “Think Different”.

Ever since it was edited by programmer Jim Reekes in 1997, the sound which had always been enamored by Apple founder Steve Jobs, has remained the same for the past more than twenty years. The sound was first created in order to “indicate that diagnostic tests running immediately at startup have found no hardware or fundamental software problems,” according to and as reported by Brand Channel.

The sound mainly consists a G flat/F sharp major chord. Reekes was also the creator of the previous Sosumi sound from Mac which unfortunately got the company involved in a legal dispute with Apple Corps, a multimedia company owned by Beetles. Reekes was also responsible for various other successful sounds created for Mac OS.

With the trademark now acquired, the chime can now be downloaded by an interested user. With the trademark application filed in June, the sound also denotes that the diagnostic tests run at the startup are free from any problems in software or hardware.

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