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AppCertain: Are You Certain of What Your Kids Download?

Technology has definitely been producing more worried mothers with its devices like the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. But if technology can create a problem it can have a solution too and the solution to this current problem lies in AppCertain. This is an app monitoring service where email alerts are sent to parents keeping them informed regarding the apps installed by their kids, the doings of these apps and their level of appropriateness to their children.

Busy parents? No problem, this is why the app has been named the net nanny of the age of mobile. The app is not just meant to be a spy for parents checking on their kids but a protection against inappropriate content reaching them.

Of course the Apple founder Steve Jobs had not forgotten the importance of keeping these apps safe and friendly to kids but then again this can’t really be made possible with the rise of applications from social networking and especially the recent Vine Application. Violence, language, drugs, alchohol, and other gory stuff are what kids are being exposed to.

“The reason we started with parental help is there’s a big need for it, but also it gives us an opportunity to focus on one platform, to really understand what the applications are doing on there,” says Whitman, as reported by Techcrunch.

“The initial idea was how can we bring that technology to mobile devices?,” he says, “because that’s where we see a lot of opportunity in the future.”

The startup is in fact still working on the deeper behavioral analysis for the app.

“Anti-virus is absolutely broken. With mobile devices there’s an opportunity to fix it,” says Whitman. “What we’re really interested in is understanding the behavior of every mobile application,” he explains. “That’s our goal. While we’re building more interesting analysis methods and while we’re adding support for every application in the App Store, we can help parents out right now.”

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